About us

As a mom of 2, when working full-time is no longer an option, I opt to start up an online business. I am happy to share what are the great products that have worked for me, hence helping other parents like me to be able to enjoy parenthood as much as I do!

Watching your bubs grow is fun but also a super tiring process (have to admit it's never easy) but every smiles that you see on their faces melt your heart instantly!

I hope you find the products really helpful, especially at LittleMii, providing green and environmental-friendly products are our ultimate goal. Making life with children easier does not have to be at the expense of adding to the environmental footprints.

I bet you agree with me that we all want a better future for our children. We are aware that we are exhausting a lot of resources meant for the future generation, but we can play a part in reducing the impact if we want to, by choosing greener products!

Would love to know what great products worked for you and perhaps to have them added in-store. Happy shopping & write to me to tell me your stories!




Email: hello@littlemii.com